04 – The Jugglers

Dear Jesus, there seem to be some questions You do not answer, not yet in any case. I remember that lovely, lovely prophetic vision You gave me. It gives me such joy to recall it.

The one at the circus when You and I seemed to be gliding in the Spirit, doing the trapeze and the tight rope and suddenly those ominously beautiful jugglers, all in black appeared one behind the other. I watched in fascination but then Our enemy no longer hold my gaze for long. Suddenly Your Holy men appeared. They too were dazzling but it was different. Your good men left us entirely free emotionally and in every way. We watched as they unobtrusively moved in behind the others so it was black, white, black, white and white gently took over the Juggling act.

Do You aways move in so gently Jesus? The ones, his ones, never made a move but just stayed in endless un-fruition. And so we juggled in Your Spirit Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and so we shall go on till, by Your goodness, I may yet praise You for all eternity with all our lovely friends upon whom the Father smiles.