03 – Talking to Mary

Dear Jesus, I have just been, as You know, to have a chat with our little Mother.

Why has she not said anything recently? Do You remember when she spoke to me in my dream about persecution? And asked me to follow her in procession? On her feast day too. Remember Our Lady of Lourdes at the Cathedral?

Was I amazed Jesus, to see it all come about within three hours. “Look after my children.” Dear mummy, pray the Heart of Jesus beats within me and the hand I offer You moves to the rhythm of His desires and it will be so. I too find Jesus that my heart burns with a love for Your children. Often I beg the Holy Spirit to enflame me and I plead through You, Jesus, to our good father when I see what appears to me to be nothing but self assertion. Lord, if only You were as pushy as most people seem to be. But no, Jesus, You are silent and wait. You do not violate. 

Your own will in the Father that all men should be free to choose. But if once we have prayed that You take over in our life, surely You honour the choice. If we sometimes fall back on ourselves, You retrieve. So obviously, when the monkey settles on our back for a while, You must remember our choice of yesterday.