10 – The ‘Laying on of Hands’

This ‘laying on of hands’, Jesus, one knows one is touching Your Heart in the innermost being of another person and Your Holy Spirit formulates thoughts or pictures about another at a given time You choose. 

Dear Stewart, You had been telling me his leg trouble was to do with his fears but his conscious self could not remember any. Knowing how carefully You guide me Jesus, we persevered in prayer on Sunday with him for three hours then Your Holy Spirit showed a twelve year old in a little whirl pool with demons grinning hideously. Stewart remembered, Lord, that he nearly drowned at twelve and was saved, bleeding all over as the sea had dashed him against the bolders. His excessive water in the legs, due to a blockage, started shortly after. Now You’ve pinpointed the time Lord, will You stay with us for a complete healing? 

Dear Jesus, it is so important that those who lay hands are sensitive to Your Spirit and test things before they speak out anything. Also, so much guess=work is subconsciously churned out. 

Prayer must be in every thought and prayer means a consciousness of You rather than a projection of ourselves.

You have opened up a door to me Jesus, You walked into many years ago. What psychologists call ‘the subconscious’, is the area of us in which You gently move and battles rage.

We have to stay with Your words expressing ‘Your Way’ because it is so polluting to convey our own wordings and suggestions which very often mask our own fears.

Obedience to You is so essential and until we can accept every word of scripture, joyously, and not just the parts we like, we are open prey to the devil and his quoting You out of context. I must follow all You say closely Jesus, whether directly in scripture or to me or through others.

Please let Your wonderful mother be with us at the prayer group. I need all her help to keep up devotion to this loving weapon, the most Holy Rosary.