Travel to Pietrelcina

Travel to Pietrelcina

It is not difficult to travel to Pietrelcina. It is located only 15 minutes taxi ride from the mainline station of BENEVENTO. To get to Benevento you have three main choices. 

  1. Via Rome
  2. Via Naples
  3. Via Bari

Arriving Via Rome

First of all, Rome Fiumicino airport offers several options to get you to the main train station. The simplest and most reliable way is by the Leonardo Express. This leaves every 15 minutes from the train station within the airport. You can buy the ticket at the ticket window where the trains depart. If this is too busy, you can also buy it from the tobacconist just next to the ticket window. This will cost you about €14 and takes 32 minutes to reach Rome Termini station. The regional trains also leave from nearby platforms and will eventually go to Rome Termini. These will cost only €8 but sometimes take up to an hour for the same journey. Check before boarding the train that you are boarding the correct option you have paid for. 

The next thing is to take the train to Benevento. For direct connections you will find that the train’s final stop will probably be Lecce via Caserta.

This journey takes about 2 hours with the ‘direct’ train and costs about €40 for the base price which allows you to change the ticket online at no extra charge. There are about 3 or 4 direct trains a day.

You can also take a local train which is slower and cheaper. This can take about 3 hours or a little more.

The price of this ticket can be as low as €19:90

Arriving Via Naples

Naples is the nearest airport to Benevento.  There is a shuttle bus from the Airport to the Train station which leaves every 30 Minutes and costs €5. The ticket should be bought in the airport before boarding the bus. The best place for this is at the Tobacconist or any travel agent window.

The train journey from Naples to Benevento goes through Casserta and take about an 1hr:30 mins and 1hr:45 mins.

The cost is about €6 for local trains and about €22 for intercity trains. Both take nearly the same time. It just depends what is available at the time you want to travel to Pietrelcina.

Arriving Via Bari

Although Bari is a little further away than Naples, it is an easy journey from there to Benevento and then onwards to travel to Pietrelcina.  The train to Benevento is direct and costs about €28 or even less.

It takes about 2 hours by fast train and 3 hours by slow train which is very comfortable.

It is important to know that the last train you can take from Bari is around 6pm so be careful that your flight arrives in plenty of time before the last train to Benevento

Remember to allow at least one to one and a half hours between landing and the departure time of the train. There is an hourly shuttle bus from the station which costs €4 per person and takes about 35 to 40 minutes.

A taxi will cost around €25 to €30 and will take nearly the same time.

You can check all the train schedules and book your tickets online by going to the

  official Italian train network site.

If you use paypal, google pay or similar payment method, this may make it a lot easier. You can then print out your ticket or even display it on your phone. This is accepted by the ticket collectors on the trains. Just be sure you download it to a local file so that you do not rely on the internet to access it. 

Travel to Pietrelcina from Benevento Station

There are always taxis waiting at Benevento station. This will cost you about €25 to €30 according the the time you arrive.  

 You can also arrange a taxi pick-up in advance. Here are one or two phone numbers of taxi services. Most speak Italian only

Gerardo Dell Grosso 
+39 339 7062864

Orlando Palerino
+39 329 1335781

Finally, if you are arriving in a group, you can contact a mini bus service in Pietrelcina before arriving in Italy

One of these is Alfredo Frangiosi
Via Gregaria, 26, Pietrelcina BN.

 Tel: +39 3351249954

He, or his son, will pick you up from Benevento station in a taxi or Mini-van. His main business is international haulage, so if you have large loads to transport around Europe, he’s your man.

Another is Cosimo Gagliardi who takes people all over Italy and will collect your group from Rome, Naples or Bari.

He can also take you to see other places in Italy if that is what you want. He has collected Padre Pio groups from other countries in Europe, such as Germany and England, and taken them around Italy on Padre Pio pilgramages.

Tel: +39 347-6286232