Prayer Garden

View From Prayer Garden Pietrelcina

Our reason for having a ‘Prayer Garden’ was simple. Over the years we had found a deeper love for this little town and had begun to experience the truth of what Padre Pio said about Pietrelcina towards the end of his life, that it would be “especially blessed by God” after he died. We feel this is a place which draws one into a deeper spirituality and allows one to find the time to be quiet and peaceful and to listen to the Word of God. Therefore, in 2011 we decided to buy some land in Pietrelcina with the intention of creating a garden for prayer and meditation. A simple idea and a simple goal.

The original field for the Prayer Garden Pietrelcina
Original Field of the Prayer Garden

We found a field for sale, only a four minute walk from our house and the centre of town and, with God’s help, we were able to buy it.

Here are some video records showing the progress of the garden over the following three years.

Recent view of the Prayer Garden
Recent View of the Garden
Prayer Garden 2012-2013
Prayer Garden 2014

So now that we have introduced you to the Prayer Garden, we would love to have your input and suggestions on how it could best be used in the Lord’s service.

For artists needing some painting inspiration? For young (or not so young) persons wanting to potter about in nature? As a place for pilgrims or pilgrim groups to come and sit for awhile in the countryside?

If you would like to get involved or offer some suggestions, please leave us a message using the form on this page. We look forward to hearing from you.

David & Ursula West

Recent photos of the Prayer Garden