A pleasant discovery at the hospital

This is a quick update on my first blog post about my visit to the Sacred Heart Hospital in Benevento which I wrote on the 6th June. I meant to follow it up quickly but events got in the way. (all good…)

So, on the 8th June I returned to the ‘Good Brothers’ hospital’ to see how my broken ankle had progressed. Praise God, they removed the cast which was driving me crazy!

As I we were leaving, we noticed many people downstairs in the outside terrace and discovered that there was an open-air mass going on with several celebrants including a bishop. We then discovered that this was the feast day of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and, since the official name of the hospital is the Sacred Heart Hospital, this was their special day.

How lovely it was to see such an open celebration of the presence of God in the midst of humanity. This was a good way to leave behind my discarded cast.