09 – Deep Prayer Group Experience

Lord, how good You are. Sunday was really a question of being with You. How very mysteriously You work. I had half expected something new was being opened up but was not sure what. Everyone else here seemed to know Your presence. No howling out or loud prayers but the nearness of You was a blanketing of Your love. I could feel You flowing out of and into each one of us like a gentle, endless, tangible ripple of us here being connected with the praying world.

You are the light of the world

The moments of stillness opened up into a silence drawing us ever closer to the unspeakable, ever enfolding You. How lovely, Jesus, to see that all medical understanding and depth psychology stems from You. The acute sensitivity of being with You makes even a bell ringing seem to be like a dagger pushed through our inmost being. You are leading us on Lord into a serene calmness in You. 

I can understand why the receptivity of a soul in moments of trance like prayer is acute and disturbing loud prayer literally jars on the nerves. One could practically feel Your anaesthetising love and one has to be so careful Jesus. The soul in these deep moments of opening up is so believing and an unhealthy prayer or thought communicated can be very damaging. Also Lord, at the point of leaving You, one is in an acutely sensitive state and needs a time of coming too. These stops and starts in prayers must be under Your guidance Jesus; please help us.