11 – Build us a Team

Please let Your wonderful mother be with us at the prayer group. I need all her help to keep up devotion to this loving weapon, the most Holy Rosary.

Also, Jesus, I want You to provide a team of people who will be prepared to come to You ever more closely and open up their all to receive and radiate Your light to others who need it.

Please let us set this in motion quickly. So many need help dear Jesus, and protect this house with the cloak of Your mystery and prepare and consolidate those who You want to join You in this work. 

It is so important for You to implant all Your thoughts on my heart, our heart, and please give me the courage and strength to walk the waters with each person we pray for. You assured me in that beautiful dream Lord that I had.

Now You tell me to do it for, and with, all those who are frightened. Since You had guided me, I know they will follow, if I stay with You. 

Please, Jesus, I yearn to bring hundreds of thousands to You. Please let it be so I know You want me to. Ursula, You, the child and I, what a team we are Jesus. Bless You Jesus, son of God.