14 – Mediatrix

Dear little mother, you are so gentle. Your son, David, loves you greatly. 

The way we recite your prayers, given by the Holy Spirit, allows all of us to reach out to you in that prayer from our Heavenly Father. This prayer, this salutation, recognises your role as mediatrix and co redemptorist with Jesus, your son, who treated you in the fullness of motherhood and completed your role in His abandonment to the Will of the Father.

Statue of our Lady and child Jesus in San Giovanni Rotondo
Mary holding the child Jesus

Your grief, dear little mother, apart from what one expects, was caught up in your son’s grief at not being recognised as being One with the Father. That man, caught up in darkness, was not acknowledging his heritage through the giving of your son at the request of the Father. What a beautiful union of sacrifice which in no way diminishes but simply is.

Dear mother, you too were yielding to this supreme love act and we all love you for it.

Even though we are hindered by our pettiness from doing so, we acknowledge you as Queen of Heaven, Queen of the angels and our great intercessor always in union with your son Jesus the greatest of all lovers, one with the Father and Holy Spirit for all time. Praise God.