06 – Creation

Jesus, how lovely Your gardens are. What splendour and dignity there is in Your creation. Lord, I look lovingly on all You have designed and see an artistry which could only have been, because You are.  I perceive all I do because I have seen that which You entrusted into our care.

You at the root of the Tree of Life which is You in us are many woods and fields known only to You since You are infinite creativity and the world can only reflect shapes but not the totality which is You. 

How many songs must be sung eternally in our spiritual heart, Your Sacred Heart Jesus, which glows lovingly harmonising in melodious orchestration to a song unutterable. Sung in the secret corners of eternal bliss. What melody, what joy Jesus; I too join the chorus yet my lips and throat can never express or fashion the ever existent in You and You alone. 

What bliss of solitude You must know in Your ever sharing self, always giving, always receiving, never destructive to the eternal flow of fusing streams of Fatherly, Motherly love. What peace one finds in You Jesus, sweet Jesus. All bend at the mention of Your name. 

One yearns to know Your gaze. Surely You must be smiling, You are eternal hope. No one can detract from You. You are the eternal rock against whom the merciless sea may sweep, always obedient to Your authority. All creation submits at Your command yet never is one encroached upon or servile because the yearning to participate in Your Holy Will gives us our inheritance in accepting that which, from You to us, is endless giving, even Your command.