01 – Just You and I Lord

Dear Lord Jesus Christ, Here we are, just You and I. We are alone Lord so let us pour out our hearts to each other.Β 

Walking with the Lord

Good Jesus, my mind is permanently thinking about You and how You would cope with the situations I am plunged into.

Dear Lord, sometimes I am terrified by the challenges You put before me. I know You are urging me on, prompting me gently to come closer to You who are closeness itself. Does it matter to You much where I am Lord? You who look so gently upon me, urging me to refresh myself in the healing silence of Your loving gaze. It is so difficult, my friend Jesus, You accepted Your chalice and redeemed me. 

It is Your love which carries me on its wings. Yet I have to look to seek, to knock, to find. I cannot always wait Lord. Like good friends, we must work together You and I. 

I want to participate Lord in Your Holy will. Often times I am held back knowing it is You who lives in me. 

Dear Jesus, however incredible the fact of You in me, I believe it. So who am I? Am I You and I? In which case, Jesus, we move on – us two.

Lord, do I see You everywhere? I must believe You live in all men. The amazing awareness of running into You Lord, everywhere I go, is far too great for me to comprehend. Where do You lodge Jesus, when You are with those who blaspheme, the arrogant, those who think they know so much. You, whose love eradicates pain. Where do You stay?

Dear Jesus, may I protect You from Your enemies? But it is us, not me, never me now Lord, You and I. What a beautiful refreshing thought Jesus. Which one of us speaks? 

Dear Jesus, You sent Your Holy Spirit, one with You and the Father. Lord, I daren’t think further; on my own? Where are we Jesus? Where does this union start and stop? Lord is the suggestion correct? Am I caught up by Your Grace in this oneness? If this is so Jesus and since neither You nor I want to leave Us, when do we part, if ever?

Jesus, the pain of this awareness is too much. What next? Where to? Dear Jesus, it is so good to be as You are. 

Thank You, thank You and thank You again sweet Jesus. How consoling it is for us to talk to each other through the medium of paper. Do I ever cease to be David in being with You Lord? This morning David eat my flesh and blood. Can this be so, Jesus? Can You speak through me in all reality of You in me and me in You?  We can converse for ever more and people may, when they meet David, meet Jesus. Nothing, or everything, to do with David Jesus. What a wonderful thought! Why don’t all who love You and know You in the Eucharist acknowledge they are really Michael Jesus and Ursula Jesus.