12 – The Healing of a Memory

Dear Lord, a gap, we haven’t met on paper for sometime. I know it’s not really important how, or where, we meet because it’s not a question of me but US, You and I and all Your people. So extraordinary Your love can condense all into You. You reach out to all in a whisper and here we are doing it together.

Lord, thank You for the many blessings of the past two weeks. I can hardly believe so much has happened in such a short time. The enemy is cunning Jesus but You outwit him all the way. Poor Stewart, imagine being taken to a spiritualist for many years right up to last September and not knowing it.

Dear Jesus, did the forces really cloud his memory to use him at a later date? In suddenly making me remark about mothers innocently being led to do things which offend You, and then reminding me how harmful spiritualism was, You Jesus, opened the doors to his memory. Then Your radiant light shone as his memory was rekindled and he confessed to having been to a woman who uses a nun as a medium. Dear Jesus, who is this poor nun? Even then Jesus, the enemy had lost because Stewart admitted that something was hindering his desire to be healed.

You Jesus, were waiting for the right time. Even then, Lord, the desire grew within him to join the monks at Fort Augustus and now sometime in September he shall join the monks.

One more intercessor for you Jesus, praying for a world that so needs your glow upon it. What a victory Jesus. You always win. Bless and praise Your Heavenly Father that you allow us, through you son, Jesus, to come to you holding out our hands, knowing we shall receive. 

04 – The Jugglers

Dear Jesus, there seem to be some questions You do not answer, not yet in any case. I remember that lovely, lovely prophetic vision You gave me. It gives me such joy to recall it.

The one at the circus when You and I seemed to be gliding in the Spirit, doing the trapeze and the tight rope and suddenly those ominously beautiful jugglers, all in black appeared one behind the other. I watched in fascination but then Our enemy no longer hold my gaze for long. Suddenly Your Holy men appeared. They too were dazzling but it was different. Your good men left us entirely free emotionally and in every way. We watched as they unobtrusively moved in behind the others so it was black, white, black, white and white gently took over the Juggling act.

Do You aways move in so gently Jesus? The ones, his ones, never made a move but just stayed in endless un-fruition. And so we juggled in Your Spirit Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and so we shall go on till, by Your goodness, I may yet praise You for all eternity with all our lovely friends upon whom the Father smiles.

03 – Talking to Mary

Dear Jesus, I have just been, as You know, to have a chat with our little Mother.

Why has she not said anything recently? Do You remember when she spoke to me in my dream about persecution? And asked me to follow her in procession? On her feast day too. Remember Our Lady of Lourdes at the Cathedral?

Was I amazed Jesus, to see it all come about within three hours. “Look after my children.” Dear mummy, pray the Heart of Jesus beats within me and the hand I offer You moves to the rhythm of His desires and it will be so. I too find Jesus that my heart burns with a love for Your children. Often I beg the Holy Spirit to enflame me and I plead through You, Jesus, to our good father when I see what appears to me to be nothing but self assertion. Lord, if only You were as pushy as most people seem to be. But no, Jesus, You are silent and wait. You do not violate. 

Your own will in the Father that all men should be free to choose. But if once we have prayed that You take over in our life, surely You honour the choice. If we sometimes fall back on ourselves, You retrieve. So obviously, when the monkey settles on our back for a while, You must remember our choice of yesterday.

02 – Do We Ever Separate?

Dear Jesus, do we ever separate?

Lord, if we are always together, and You and I acknowledge this as being so, why do we offend You? Why do You allow Yourself to be offended within me? Are You the Me-You that is untouchable Lord, it is You singing in all of us, “We are one in the Spirit”.

Jesus, the You in me comprehends all this. My mind pains me but if I throw the burden on David Jesus, Jesus David, one is caught up in the point of infinity where You are. Are we with each other sill Lord? Please let us stay with the healing that stems from You to me and returns to You in ME that is always intact. 

Jesus, You live in us and also Your Holy Spirit. So if I believe this, I am a tabernacle of the Lord, a place where You one with the Trinity, live. 

Jesus, the point of not being Holy is the point at which one does not recognise You in US. But Jesus, as I said, You and I want to stay together. We need not say ‘goodnight’ to each other. Do You also stay with me in my sleep Jesus? Never have I been more conscious of Your presence than in our dreams. 

Lord, work is a worry, can we do what pleases You-Me?

What a mystery all becomes when we relate to You Lord. From the Father, all that is good comes through You Jesus. Nothing can be better than us being here, talking to each other. 

Working Together

Is there any need to speak? Do we not fuse better in silence?

One knows this in Faith and therefore fact, since reason obeys Faith and Faith, Reason at the point where You blend them into the oneness that is to be found in You. Are we to go on Being as We are? Jesus-David. Who is to be still and who is to know You are God? Jesus certainly knows it. David asks that You heal his unbelief otherwise accepting by Your Grace unquestioningly and in faith. 

Jesus in me knows all. He is one with the Father. 

05 – Jesus and His Friends

Lord, You know I am in no way worthy yet You delight in lifting us up. You and Your friends Jesus.

Some, I have a feeling, gladden Your heart especially. I know You are waiting to retrieve sinners and there is great joy in heaven at the return of one.

Lord, when I think of Padre Pio and You know how Your work in him staggers me, I wonder if You’re not indulging in some form of favouritism.

Yet when I think of this holy man and the preparation that must have gone into Your fashioning him to endure, with You to some degree, the ignominy of the cross, I wonder to what extent You were re-living Your passion in Our friend. Poor Padre Pio, how it must have bewildered him to see the world applauding the Jesus of the 20th century when his master and friend, You Jesus, endured rejection and crucifixion that the Will of the Father may be glorified. How humiliating it must have been, Lord, for him to listen to You. 

06 – Creation

Jesus, how lovely Your gardens are. What splendour and dignity there is in Your creation. Lord, I look lovingly on all You have designed and see an artistry which could only have been, because You are.  I perceive all I do because I have seen that which You entrusted into our care.

You at the root of the Tree of Life which is You in us are many woods and fields known only to You since You are infinite creativity and the world can only reflect shapes but not the totality which is You. 

How many songs must be sung eternally in our spiritual heart, Your Sacred Heart Jesus, which glows lovingly harmonising in melodious orchestration to a song unutterable. Sung in the secret corners of eternal bliss. What melody, what joy Jesus; I too join the chorus yet my lips and throat can never express or fashion the ever existent in You and You alone. 

What bliss of solitude You must know in Your ever sharing self, always giving, always receiving, never destructive to the eternal flow of fusing streams of Fatherly, Motherly love. What peace one finds in You Jesus, sweet Jesus. All bend at the mention of Your name. 

One yearns to know Your gaze. Surely You must be smiling, You are eternal hope. No one can detract from You. You are the eternal rock against whom the merciless sea may sweep, always obedient to Your authority. All creation submits at Your command yet never is one encroached upon or servile because the yearning to participate in Your Holy Will gives us our inheritance in accepting that which, from You to us, is endless giving, even Your command. 

07 – Restoring Life

Lord Jesus, I hear Your words concerning Your friend Lazarus and I listen to Your Heart murmuring sweet sighs of joy at bringing him back to life to give glory to the Father. 

Dear Jesus, how much kinder have You been to many like myself who have offered You many a kiss of betrayal, whose soul has been besmirched in such evil desires and so many sins of deep separation and yet Your yearning Heart drew us back to a point of friendship and laughter. 

Lord what a great lover You are. How Your foster father, St. Joseph, must have drawn strength from Almighty God the Father who endlessly roams the hearts of men calling them back to Him in endless forgivingness for the unfaithful whims of our selfish desires.

08 – Correcting the ‘Breech’

Thank You Jesus for the little child unborn whom You alone know. Sweet Jesus, at the speaking of words in Praise of You, he swivelled round for joy and is now in that position easiest for him to see the joy of birth into that gift of life which You have given him or her.

Thank You Jesus that already this child knows Your Healing Spirit and its spirit yields to Your love in that child, sensing Your Holy Presence which is so pleasing unto You.

We all bless and praise Your Holy name. Sweet Jesus, remain with us always otherwise what happens to David, Ursula and the little one. 

09 – Deep Prayer Group Experience

Lord, how good You are. Sunday was really a question of being with You. How very mysteriously You work. I had half expected something new was being opened up but was not sure what. Everyone else here seemed to know Your presence. No howling out or loud prayers but the nearness of You was a blanketing of Your love. I could feel You flowing out of and into each one of us like a gentle, endless, tangible ripple of us here being connected with the praying world.

You are the light of the world

The moments of stillness opened up into a silence drawing us ever closer to the unspeakable, ever enfolding You. How lovely, Jesus, to see that all medical understanding and depth psychology stems from You. The acute sensitivity of being with You makes even a bell ringing seem to be like a dagger pushed through our inmost being. You are leading us on Lord into a serene calmness in You. 

I can understand why the receptivity of a soul in moments of trance like prayer is acute and disturbing loud prayer literally jars on the nerves. One could practically feel Your anaesthetising love and one has to be so careful Jesus. The soul in these deep moments of opening up is so believing and an unhealthy prayer or thought communicated can be very damaging. Also Lord, at the point of leaving You, one is in an acutely sensitive state and needs a time of coming too. These stops and starts in prayers must be under Your guidance Jesus; please help us.

10 – The ‘Laying on of Hands’

This ‘laying on of hands’, Jesus, one knows one is touching Your Heart in the innermost being of another person and Your Holy Spirit formulates thoughts or pictures about another at a given time You choose. 

Dear Stewart, You had been telling me his leg trouble was to do with his fears but his conscious self could not remember any. Knowing how carefully You guide me Jesus, we persevered in prayer on Sunday with him for three hours then Your Holy Spirit showed a twelve year old in a little whirl pool with demons grinning hideously. Stewart remembered, Lord, that he nearly drowned at twelve and was saved, bleeding all over as the sea had dashed him against the bolders. His excessive water in the legs, due to a blockage, started shortly after. Now You’ve pinpointed the time Lord, will You stay with us for a complete healing? 

Dear Jesus, it is so important that those who lay hands are sensitive to Your Spirit and test things before they speak out anything. Also, so much guess=work is subconsciously churned out. 

Prayer must be in every thought and prayer means a consciousness of You rather than a projection of ourselves.

You have opened up a door to me Jesus, You walked into many years ago. What psychologists call ‘the subconscious’, is the area of us in which You gently move and battles rage.

We have to stay with Your words expressing ‘Your Way’ because it is so polluting to convey our own wordings and suggestions which very often mask our own fears.

Obedience to You is so essential and until we can accept every word of scripture, joyously, and not just the parts we like, we are open prey to the devil and his quoting You out of context. I must follow all You say closely Jesus, whether directly in scripture or to me or through others.

Please let Your wonderful mother be with us at the prayer group. I need all her help to keep up devotion to this loving weapon, the most Holy Rosary.