13 – Door to Teaching

Many thanks Jesus, for opening up this new door. I have thought about teaching for many years, yet this business of a certificate kept me away. What a great blessing learning is, Jesus.

I have spent the better part of my life marvelling at the gems of information one can pick up from those who act as though you do not exist. In your mercy however, you gift everyone of us to a degree. Yet your secrets you reveal only to those who love you and you alone. Earthly and spiritual vanity are so closely intermingled, that only those who aspire to be like you, Holy, can ever draw from the well of life which is You in Us.

You even put to good use, those caught up in spiritual pride who are trapped by signs and wonders. They seem to forget that your Heart yearns for man in all his humanity, yet you reach them at the point at which they are prepared to meet you. You, Jesus, are no respecter of definitions. You consider the supposedly ignorant, deceitful, cheats, blasphemers as your potential friends, speaking to them in a language that will melt their hearts and allow them to yield graciously to your love in them and for them. How great thou art, dear Lord.