17 – The Cross and Moving On

The cross, dear Lord, has to be carried and always we are so busy convincing ourselves of all the valid excuses for delaying Your call.

Where can we hide? Not from that deep inner voice, eternally obedient to Your Will, feeling the need to respond to Your summons to move on. Jesus, you who understand our fears and doubts, must surely appreciate the fragility and exquisite bond which soothingly draws us to giving ourselves completely to Your love.

Your eternal plan Lord, so mysteriously divine in all its seemingly interweaving complexities.

Our hearts and minds yearningly grope for this freedom which has its existence in our being and yet somewhere we have lost ourselves to the symbolism of bird and cage. 

How refreshing, Jesus, to continually remind oneself that you too had all the longing to be eternally productive and yet must have sensed the inner rebellion of flesh, suggesting a more perfect course thoroughly caught up in the Father’s infinite goodness.

A hesitation Jesus, a moment’s fatigue, all so infinitely precious to the father, all abandoned to His Will. Lord, even exhaustion must express itself and realize the newness of the moment by its presence.

We cannot escape from sensing these human aspects of our being yet we must recognise that in rejoicing in them, we satisfy the fullness of the need of the moment. We cannot endlessly try to escape the beauty of Your presence in Our sufferings Jesus. 

Each moment is the eternal blossoming of some preciousness so rare that to try to escape is to tear ourselves away from Your fashioning hands.

How You must gaze tenderly on this masterpiece of life Father and yearn that Your children be still and allow You to rule. You Father, the king of all time, the giver of all good thought and expression, permanently hindered and recreating in the basic panic – bursting of the dam of Your gracious giving. A thought Lord, which leaves me startled and amazed by its very reality.