16 – Jesus and Everyday Life

Dear Jesus, so many distractions, so many thoughts, but thank you for always staying with me regardless.

The past six weeks have been amazing Jesus. Really You are here. I often wonder what would happen to our marriage were it not for You. 

Dear Ursula, Eternal Father, how well you have brought her into your place of light Jesus. Gone are those days of tortuous deliberating of profundity gathered from books. It is so much more to the point to be with You, Jesus, simply in all our every-day functions.

Herbs and apples on the kitchen worktop

You promised to help us make a painting out of the house Jesus, and I can see You are at work. We manage to find all we need at no great cost and always you direct me to the place selling them. Jesus, it is good to have you in every aspect of our life. You are very much part of our marriage.

Sometimes I think of You being alongside us as we walk along the beautiful towpath. What a joy to see the magnificence of your gifts. Everything there to create colour and joy.

What a generous lover you are Lord. Reminds me of the gallant who goes to see his lady love with a bunch of flowers. With You Lord, it was the gift of mother earth in all its amazing robes of intricate, splendid colour. You must have known moments of staleness, Jesus. Or were You so caught up in a reality which evades us that your being was permanently in a state of growth that is fusing eternally? 

I listen to some of our friends, Jesus, talking about Your humanity and Your temptations and get the impression that they have convinced themselves that they fully realise your humanity. Does anyone know what it is to be a real man? Was there ever a man with such an ability to merge humanity and divinity as you Jesus? Certainly not! You are our aspiration, our hope, our glimmer of You is a mere ripple in a vast ocean of love. 

Thank you Jesus, thank you for all our hope in You. If in any way we realised Your nearness