12 – The Healing of a Memory

Dear Lord, a gap, we haven’t met on paper for sometime. I know it’s not really important how, or where, we meet because it’s not a question of me but US, You and I and all Your people. So extraordinary Your love can condense all into You. You reach out to all in a whisper and here we are doing it together.

Lord, thank You for the many blessings of the past two weeks. I can hardly believe so much has happened in such a short time. The enemy is cunning Jesus but You outwit him all the way. Poor Stewart, imagine being taken to a spiritualist for many years right up to last September and not knowing it.

Dear Jesus, did the forces really cloud his memory to use him at a later date? In suddenly making me remark about mothers innocently being led to do things which offend You, and then reminding me how harmful spiritualism was, You Jesus, opened the doors to his memory. Then Your radiant light shone as his memory was rekindled and he confessed to having been to a woman who uses a nun as a medium. Dear Jesus, who is this poor nun? Even then Jesus, the enemy had lost because Stewart admitted that something was hindering his desire to be healed.

You Jesus, were waiting for the right time. Even then, Lord, the desire grew within him to join the monks at Fort Augustus and now sometime in September he shall join the monks.

One more intercessor for you Jesus, praying for a world that so needs your glow upon it. What a victory Jesus. You always win. Bless and praise Your Heavenly Father that you allow us, through you son, Jesus, to come to you holding out our hands, knowing we shall receive.