02 – Do We Ever Separate?

Dear Jesus, do we ever separate?

Lord, if we are always together, and You and I acknowledge this as being so, why do we offend You? Why do You allow Yourself to be offended within me? Are You the Me-You that is untouchable Lord, it is You singing in all of us, β€œWe are one in the Spirit”.

Jesus, the You in me comprehends all this. My mind pains me but if I throw the burden on David Jesus, Jesus David, one is caught up in the point of infinity where You are. Are we with each other sill Lord? Please let us stay with the healing that stems from You to me and returns to You in ME that is always intact. 

Jesus, You live in us and also Your Holy Spirit. So if I believe this, I am a tabernacle of the Lord, a place where You one with the Trinity, live. 

Jesus, the point of not being Holy is the point at which one does not recognise You in US. But Jesus, as I said, You and I want to stay together. We need not say β€˜goodnight’ to each other. Do You also stay with me in my sleep Jesus? Never have I been more conscious of Your presence than in our dreams. 

Lord, work is a worry, can we do what pleases You-Me?

What a mystery all becomes when we relate to You Lord. From the Father, all that is good comes through You Jesus. Nothing can be better than us being here, talking to each other. 

Working Together

Is there any need to speak? Do we not fuse better in silence?

One knows this in Faith and therefore fact, since reason obeys Faith and Faith, Reason at the point where You blend them into the oneness that is to be found in You. Are we to go on Being as We are? Jesus-David. Who is to be still and who is to know You are God? Jesus certainly knows it. David asks that You heal his unbelief otherwise accepting by Your Grace unquestioningly and in faith. 

Jesus in me knows all. He is one with the Father.