This is the bridge at the half-way point in the Rosary Walk.
The above image was taken earlier this yearΒ and shows how it looks today.Β 
This is the story of its re-construction

During the night of the 14th October 2015, an extraordinary weather event took place over the Campania region.The following excerpts are taken from the geographical report published in February 2016 by the ‘Rendiconti Online Societa Geologica Italiana’


“On the night between 14th and 15th October 2015, a destructive overflow of the Calore River caused severe damage in the town of Benevento and the surrounding area (i.e., the Sannio area), causing two fatalities. Approximately three centuries ago, on May 23th 1729, while visiting Benevento, Pope Benedict XIII, stated that this town would be much more threatened by the floodings of the Sabato and Calore rivers than by earthquakes (Zazo, 1986; Mazzacca, 1992). These words were not fully considered worthy of attention at that time, and indeed neither in the following centuries, notwithstanding the fact that damage caused by floods in the main town of the Sannio region was often considerable.

The flood event on 14th-15th October 2015 in Benevento significantly affected the natural landscape and human settlements too. This event was very similar to the previous events, such as the flood in Benevento on 2nd October 1949, when the Calore River caused damage to properties and twenty casualties. ….

The area affected by the rainstorm during 14th and 15th October 2015 was the central-southern area of Italy, where many rivers overflowed. However, the rainstorm was particularly intense in Benevento and its surrounding areas. This territory mostly coincides with the Calore River basin. The Calore River originates from the Accellica Mount, in the central part of the Campania region and it crosses the town of Benevento. …….

The reason I am mentioning this detail is because it is important to know just how widespread and devastating this flooding event was.

Considering that Pietrelcina is criss-crossed by many small rivers and is part of the Benevento area, it follows that it sustained a lot of damage.Β 

Fortunately it happened during the night therefore there were few people about and no one was near the bridges. However, some residents did go and investigate to see what was happening and witnessed a great wall of water crashing through the small rivulets around the town.

The noise was horrendous as it carried away huge boulders, bridges and even some livestock in its path. Trees which had stood along the riverside where swept away like toothpicks and after the surge had passed great gullies had been created filled with mud, debris and huge boulders.Β 

Bridge damage near town
Flooded start of the Rosary Walk - It remained impassable for months
Massive boulders
Boulders around the Rosary Walk Bridge

The best way to portray the changes to the landscape that this flood event made is to show you some before and after pictures and the re-construction that was carried out to open the walk once again to the public.

Before the flood
The Flood Damage and Reconstruction

Happily, the bridge and the rosary walk are once again open to all

Deo Gratias