First Blog Post

Well, here we are, this is the start of a new chapter in the Visit Pietrelcina site. The start of putting ideas, happenings, aims and plans on paper and sharing it with our site visitors.

It is also about the ups and downs of the process and living here in Pietrelcina.

Three weeks ago we arrived back from a visit to Malta and I broke my ankle. Not a clever thing to do. I cannot blame the weather, the roads or anything else. I got on my bike (electric variety) to go around the corner to visit David in the field (prayer garden) and did not notice some gravel on the road that was washed down by recent rain. Then I did the absolutely wrong thing. When I came to the corner, going at about 1 mile an hour, I pulled on the front brake to stop. Your should NEVER pull on the front brake on gravel! I gracefully toppled over sideways and my ankle got the brunt of it.

So, I got to experience, first hand, the emergency service at the Sacred Heart Fatebenefratelli (Good Brothers) Hospital’ in Benevento.

After returning home with my leg in a cast, I then received a very interesting course in β€˜coping’  where I learned (rather quickly) that I was not able to dash about and do things at will. What a quick learning curve that was. It is amazing how cranky one becomes under those circumstances. So, my next learning curve was learning how to be a much calmer person.

How I am looking forward to next Friday (8th June) when I go to get the cast removed (hopefully).

Well, we will see.