Video Walks

Now on google maps you can take a walk through most towns and see the area from ground level. This really helps and you can also do this for Pietrelcina. However, this is not possible for all areas – especially the Castello region where no car can pass. Neither is it possible for some other main areas in Pietrelcina which are reserved for pedestrians only.

The video walks were made from many photos of these areas, taken over a period of three years. They show the three main routes that people take when they come to Pietrelcina for a short visit.

They also show the many different ‘faces’ of the same areas – summer, winter, busy and quiet, festa time and siesta time.

We hope this will give you a ‘feel’ of this town as well as an image of everyday life.

Route 1: The start of the walk at Il Sannio near the entrance of the town

Route 2: The oldest part of the town where St. Padre Pio was born and lived in various houses

Route 3: The second oldest part of the town that existed during the time of St. Pio

Route 4:The Rosary Walk’ which starts from Pietrelcina and ends in Piana Romana where St. Pio’s family had a small farm holding. He and his family walked regularly along this path, saying the rosary as they went. It is about 3.5 km long.

Route 5: A shorter version of the Rosary Walk. Half way along the Rosary Walk is a small wooden bridge which is a lovely place to stop and pray. If you do not have the time to follow the whole walk, this is a great place to stop for a while before turning back to Pietrelcina. This video is a meditation on prayer.

Route 6: The Festa Procession which starts at the Parish church and follows a route into the newer part of the town and back again to the Church.