Padre Pio and Madona Della Libera


Padre Pio gazing at Madona Della Libera

St. Padre Pio and Madona Della Libera

Growing up in Pietrelcina, St. Padre Pio was of course steeped in the local devotion to Our Lady of Liberty.

However, it seems he also had a very personal devotion to her. One old resident related to us personally that Padre Pio had been seen talking to Our Lady at the foot of the altar.  This, of course, is hearsay, but it does reflect the local knowledge that the devotion of the saint to Our Lady was very real.  To demonstrate this, they commissioned a bronze statue of him kneeling and gazing up at ‘Madona Della Libera’ above the altar.


church view PP-Madona

The life-size statue of the kneeling saint, is situated half way down the left side of the church, exactly at the point where the Madona’s gaze meets that of the saint.