Festa Procession ImageThere are many times throughout the year that are celebrated with festivities and events in Pietrelcina. The main one though, is the summer Festa to celebrate their patron and protector, Our Lady of Liberty. This devotion to the Mother of God goes back 1,400 years to the time of St. Barbatus of Benevento when the town and the whole region was saved from certain domination by an invading army.

There are two feasts of Our Lady of Liberty, one in December to mark the time of yet another deliverance in 1854. The summer Festa allows the residents, past and present, to organize outdoor events which continue from the Friday night, through the weekend and culminate on Sunday evening in a repeat of the 1854 procession. It is officially closed by an entertainment event on Monday evening.

Over the years, intercession to Our Lady of Liberty has resulted in many favours and miracles from God and people naturally want to honour their intercessor. Many gold objects, medallions, watches, rings, bracelets, necklaces, have been donated to deck the statue on its processional journey. These are pinned onto a velvet garment that is draped around the statue on the Friday night. This year, we managed to go behind the scenes to film this ‘dressing’ event. It started at midnight inside the darkened Parish church of Our Lady of the Angels, while outside in the square, the dancing and singing was coming to an end.

This video will be available soon.

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