Prayer Garden

We have been coming here for the past four or five years now. Our little house has been built and we enjoy coming and spending a few weeks to a month every so often. Over the years we have found a deeper love for this little town and have begun to experience the truth of what Padre Pio said about Pietrelcina towards the end of his life  – that it would be “especially blessed by God” after he died. We feel this is a place which draws one into a deeper spirituality and allows one to find the time to be quiet and peaceful and to listen to the Word of God.

This does not mean that there is not a very normal, everyday life being led here but we feel that there is an added dimension which is of God’s doing.

field original

Field with original wheat crop

Prayer Garden / Forrest Garden

We were led to buy a field very close to the village – only 4 minutes walk from our house and the centre of town. It is about 2150 sq meters and we had intended to have a small building on it. However, funds dramatically dried up at this point and we decided to use the field primarily for fruit trees, vegetables and a place to sit and pray and meditate.

This page is called ‘Community of Prayer’ – What do we mean by that?

Quite simply, we see Pietrelcina as an ideal place to have different Christian couples or single lay people, come and buy small properties and meet together for prayer and meditation and form a community. We are Third Order Franciscans and have been sharing prayer in many different ways, Charismatic, Rosary, Meditation and silent prayer but our main aim is to do what God wants and He seems to be asking us for a deeper commitment and to share our faith with others.

We would love to hear from you if you are thinking along these lines.


Last year we uploaded a video of the field’s development since 2011 November in 2013.
You can watch last year’s video diary by clicking this text.

UPDATE – 26th September 2014

This has been a very special year for us here. We came back to Pietrelcina in March and stayed for two months then returned in June and have stayed all summer and most of Autumn. This has been a time of reflection, and prayer since we are ‘waiting’ on the Lord each day. We are so happy to be able to say the rosary and Divine Mercy chaplet in the garden and sometimes listen to tracts or just stay in quiet meditation with the Lord, surrounded by His beautiful creation. It has also been a privilege to be joined at times in prayer by our friends in Christ. We also shared the garden with our friends and family who ‘baptized’ it with their presence.

Here is a video diary of what went on during 2014

If you want to see exactly how our well was created. You can watch our you-tube video
“Drilling for water – step by step”